I tell stories through images.

Film & Videography.
Creative direction.


Sometimes told over a wine where I
miss the punchline and improvise a fake ending to save the story.


“…and that’s when the Yakuza kidnapped me for the second time.

Skip the chat and see the work...

I’ve built a reputation forĀ  doing the projects which are a little more adventurous than normal.

I’m a travel photographer who does ultramarathons through the mountains, documentaries in Afghanistan, weeks at a time living out of a tent or on the back of motorbike.

Team that with a love of art history, a desire to be ‘really bloody good’ and an easy-going attitude and it’s gotten me here. Where-ever this is.

3 x finalist for the National Portrait Prize, 4x finalist for the Australian Photography Awards, co-director of the peoples choice 2018 Travel awards, screened at Cannes & Tribecca & I’ve worked with some of the biggest brands in the world.

I have plenty of other impressive things to uncomfortably tell you about whilst convincing you we are perfect for each other.

I run a ‘no-jerks’ policy. I want to create amazing things, not big egos.


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Clients, publications and other impressive names…

Naarm (Melbourne), Australia. (sometimes)

Whatsapp: +61 422 730 387