Lets team up.

1-1 creative consultation and production lessons.

Need some help trying to work out how to tackle the next stage of your business visually?

This lockdown is going to throw a few curveballs on how we do business. Getting online and looking good whilst doing it iis a little harder than expected.

Let's team up. My knowledge of working with little to big brands, musicians, artists and tourism boards helps me give you the hot tips to get through this stage. From micro scale to big budget, I've worked with, and understand it all.

You might need to shoot your products on an iphone at home, or you could need a 6 month studio job. Whats important is identifying what you need, and working out how to get there. Thats where I come in. If I can't do it, or teach you how to do it...my extended network of legends and magicians come into play.

Get in touch below and we can work out a custom package.

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Or for the learners...

Maybe you just wanna upskill.

From beginners to advanced.

You might want to learn how to film your own in-house brand videos, or maybe how to plan and shoot a 3 week epic mountain adventure.

I have taught everything from art history, to efficient camera setups, how to set up your work space for quick videos, post production tips and workflows, fundamental photography & storytelling structures and theories.

You may just be a legend who wants to chew the fat and pick up tips on how to approach shoots in remote or weird locations.

We are all gonna have a bit of skype time on our hands. Lets teach each other some cool things.

1-1 sessions are $100p.h.

Get in touch so we can work out what you need.

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Let's do this.

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