An amazing cover.

Quote from Ainslie Wills:

“This is one of those recordings that would have stayed on a hard drive somewhere until my manager Charlotte suggested putting it out into the world because… YOLO… because… COVID-19. Seriously, it’s a song that I probably would have felt reluctant to release before because of the cheesy nature of it even though I love the shit out of Farnsy. The beautiful thing that happened was videographer Ben McNamara suggested he could create a visual accompaniment to it which perfectly offsets the sweetness of the lyrics and gives it a moodiness that it perhaps otherwise wouldn’t have. I think it’s good to celebrate love in all it’s shapes and colours because it certainly doesn’t always play out like we’re told to believe.”

An iso challenge.

Quote from the filmmaker,

Ben McNamara: “Ben, do you want to make a clip for Ainslie’s new track? There’s barely any budget and you’d have to film it in isolation, with no crew. Maybe you can star in it? It comes out next week.” The first chat with Charlotte (Ainslie’s manager).

“I love the mood and tone of Ainslie’s version and wanted to take this visually so far away from the original song to help re-interpret its meaning and give it a few extra layers. Farnsy’s version is a pop banger… but I felt like it was a bit of a fantasy and a very old school idea of love and companionship. I’m interested in those moments after. After love, or success or despair or that obnoxious burger or whatever has taken up your mind and energy recently.

There’s such a focus on those fantasy moments in life that we forget most of existence is filled with the real ones. It’s about that isolation, and struggle and anxiety and how those quiet moments really bloody suck…but then you get up the next day.

Technically it was a nightmare to shoot but I love those challenges. Being stuck in lockdown meant I had to find some clever lighting setups in my own apartment, create a simple narrative and also perform and edit without getting too caught up in the red wine. It’s currently a super tough time for creatives, so when opportunities like this appear it helps you create something new, whilst process what’s going on in the real world around you.”