01. What

Didi approached me to design some Artwork for the dividers they were introducing to create a ‘covid-safe’ ride at the start of the pandemic.

The brief was to create something ‘didi-ish’, in one color, celebrating positivity and connectedness during the most intensely emotional parts of COVID.

I wanted to create an interactive display which taught people a skill on their ride, whilst bringing attention to the compassion and patience we needed during such a weird time. With the introduction of masks, a lot of our hearing impaired brothers and sisters were having an extra hard time…so i wanted to highlight that difficulty in a fun and encouraging way.

The end piece was a 1.5 metre long board with a ‘hidden’ message which needed to be deciphered by learning AUSLAN.

More on the piece here:
Interview with Ben McNamara

02. Who

Client: Didi Australia
Illustration and creative direction: Ben McNamara